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Making a Plan

At the end of 2011, I made a plan. It was to make a blanket for each of my adult children, including spouses. That made a total of 13 or 14 blankets, crocheted or knitted with love for each of them. The plan also included that I would work on them and have them complete in plenty of time for birthdays.

I managed to do well and had all the blankets done for all birthdays through August completed by mid June. Then a grandson took precedence on my time for three months and I fell behind. I managed to nearly complete the one September birthday blanket and finished a couple of October blankets, but kind of sputtered out and I have three incomplete blankets and three more to start. I will get them done, but probably not for a few months.

I also managed during 2012 to crochet 6 baby blankets (for all the new grandbabies), knit several hats, learned to knit with double pointed needles (made baby socks), created 5 snuggies, and designed, created and produced 9 or 10 critter pillows.


So my plan for 2013? Don’t have one yet. I will finish the projects I’ve started, but don’t know yet what new things I will create yet, but whatever I end up doing, you can be sure it will be done with love.

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Nearly There

Christmas gifts are nearly complete. Jeff and I finished up the tree ornaments for each of the grandchildren. Even for the ones we have never met and are likely to never meet. But no matter, our love goes out to them and there is always a place for them in our hearts and home.

Very early in the year I began making snuggle blankets for the youngest. I only managed to complete 5 before more important tasks entered my life. Three months of caring for a newborn grandson derailed my plans for the year, but it was worth it.

Pillows for the older kids were on the agenda, but again these things take time and I still have birthday blankets to complete.

Many items are destined to be shipped today so I will get those out and then finish what I can before Christmas.

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