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Spending time with Carroll

I was very busy this weekend. I was allowed to have Carroll spend the weekend with us. Baby momma needed to clean her house. Carroll has been ill and she never found the time.

I’ve been in their house many times and it has never been clean. Literally, dishes will go better than a week without being washed. Since the living room also serves as everyones bedroom, you can’t walk in it. The baby has maybe 4 square feet to learn to crawl in. He is kept confined to this space because around the room there are desk chairs, desks for computers and all the wires that go with, a couch, a mattress on the floor, his crib and swing, etc. They heat the room with a space heater which he has pulled onto himself. There is a small endtable which all the medicines are kept on. He is pulling himself up and right now that is the biggest hazard in the home for him. Not that the rest of the conditions are less hazardous, it’s just the one I see as the most immediate danger.

On top of all this, they hope to have baby momma’s 3 year old daughter returned to them next month and baby momma is expecting again. What’s a grandma to do? Many thoughts come to mind, but the relationship is so strained anything I do to help could be taken the wrong way by both baby momma and my son.

I got off on the wrong track there, sorry. Carroll was delightful to have spend time with. He belly crawls but is working on getting on all fours. He pulls himself up on people and couches though he has to work at it since he starts from the belly instead of his knees. Dadadada is his favorite sound right now. He loves breakfast, lunch and dinner or just playing in his highchair while I putter around the kitchen. His favorite past time is bouncing, on your knee, thigh, lap, the floor, and if available a Johnny jumper or saucer (I have neither).

He doesn’t sleep through the night anymore but wakes around 2 hungry enough to drink 6 oz. But then he sleeps until 6:30 or 7:30 before waking up a very happy baby.

I enjoyed my time with him very much and hope that I’ll get to do it again often. I also hope I can figure out a way to help keep this family together without alienating my son and his partner.